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Glow is a mood light/diffuser that is designed to

enhance a modernized candle experience.

2023 Spring, 3 Weeks / Personal Project / Product Concept Design

IMG_0004 2.jpg

Reimage Wax Candles

Glow is a mood light/diffuser that reimagines wax candles, seamlessly blending tradition with innovation.
By incorporating ordinary elements into its design, it elevates ambiance and enhances relaxation.

Corevalues | Moodboard


Frosted Effect


Transcending core experiences
Annotating detailed form and silhouette;
incorporating emotional and aesthetics

Merging all of these aspects
into one cohesive design project

Design Process

Visualizing Idea
:2D to 3D

Form and functionality from wax candle

Refinement through 3D mockups
- Scalability and appealing silhouette

Material casting for diffusion
- Glowing, soft lighting effect



A mood light/diffuser designed
to enhance a modernized candle experience



Diffuser Wax Container

- It is located on the top of the wax-warming part,

allowing for easy replacement.

Lamp Cover

- The textured transparent light cover creates a soft, diffused glow lighting. 

Power Controller | Mode Controller

- Provides seamless power control through rotating features.

Main Basement

- Provides a certain and comfortable positioning.

Intuitive Control

Easy and quick, rotational control for
lighting and diffusion settings 

GLOW POSTERCARDS_대지 1 사본 2_edited.jpg
GLOW POSTERCARDS_대지 1 사본 2_edited_edited.jpg
GLOW POSTERCARDS_대지 1 사본 3_edited.jpg

Mode Variations

3 different lighting | scent diffusion modes, with freedom in adjustment

GLOW POSTERCARDS_대지 1 사본 4_edited.jpg

Modernized Candle
- Vertical motion-lighting
- Gentle scent diffusion

With motion-blending illumination and interchangeable scent diffusion,
glow gently and softly enhances the modernized candle experience.

GLOW POSTERCARDS_대지 1 사본 4_edited.jpg

Scent Variations | Wax Package

Glow provides a soft scent experience with its wax-warming diffusion
The container is easily set up and can be exchanged

IMG_0004 2.jpg
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