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A modular gaming controller for younger gamers designed to make input
more accessible and a dynamic playing experience

2023 Spring, 14 Weeks / Personal Project / Concept Design


Limitation of

Standard gaming controllers may not be designed for younger, especially toddler-level gamers,
and sometimes limit their access to enjoyable gaming experiences.


Not only physical/ergonomic challenges, but cognitive difficulties also can overwhelm them

to operate and navigate the corresponding functions.


This project aims to bridge the gap between the physical and cognitive abilities of young gamers,
enabling them to fully engage in gaming with greater ease and understanding.

Interview and Insights

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Yeon, Kim (27) Digital artist
Laewi, Kim (12 months)


Intuitive Toys: Easy to control and understand 


Playing with various tools and toys is a demanding activity for Laewi, in physically and cognitively. Most of toys for Laewi are easy to recognize and use. Standard gaming controllers, however, are difficult to navigate and understand each buttons and layout.
- A gaming controller with
easy access and control clarity will allows younger gamers more appropriate input and fully participate in gaming. 

Sensorial Playing: Deep and enjoyable interaction


Laewi learns things through sensory playing. Sounds, feelings, or textures from toys and tools are not only ‘fun’ but also bridges for him to understand the surrounding objects.

- A gaming controller with sensorial-playing features can lead younger gamers into

fine comprehension about digital contents.

Customization: The “Laewi-playground”


Laewi builds his play-setting to accommodate his unique needs and more comfortable playing, which are not available with pre-set controllers.    


- A gaming controller with an open-ended structure or modularity, so the user can build their own system, can engage children in more satisfying access, and enjoy playing  experience.


web 5.png


Streamlined Forms



Layered Structure

Seamless Outline

Core Concepts

web 6.png



Designing a product that is clear to understand and use. The product itself can navigate the features and meanings of buttons more quickly and easily.



Creating a family of products that users can modify settings, with simple and intuitive methods, to provide more comfortable accessibility.

Sensorial Playing


Thinking about product provides a sensory interaction along with digital content, which can drive a deeper interest  and dynamic playing experience.

Design Process

web 7.png

Form variation study
with line weight and thickness


Try to design a toy-like controller 
that is easy to identify.


A haptic pad module for tactile playing
that can touch and feel the surface



Main concept - A gaming controller that can be used and modified easily.

Focusing on an enjoyable playing experience with intuitive usage.

Mock up Study

-Scale Research

Researches to identify a proper size and thickness for younger gamer’s control, based on physical interaction.
1:1 scale studies to learn how attach each modules and feeling of control/navigate buttons.


3D Form Refinements


Refine and finalize the shape and details
with quick 3D models.


Add-on micro details and color studies to

match a proper design identity and moodboard.

Final Design


Tag Family

Action Button Modules 
(Main Input)

Tactile Module

Handle Stick

Base Module

Mic Module

How to Play?



Sync the Tag with your PS5 console as the primary controller
(User can easily register the Tag by connecting it via Bluetooth)

Depending on the game, or control preferences,
Users have the flexibility to create their own setup

(This can be done by using magnets to attach/detach different modules) 


Enjoy the seamless gameplay


Intuitive Controller

Tag is designed to be user-friendly and easy to understand.

Target users quickly grasp the concept and feel comfortable

using it for gaming inputs.


Streamlined silhouette and soften edges ensure safety and comfortable pressing and positioning.

Users can simply palm-press the buttons for gaming input.

Each action button module features clear and prominent graphics,

making it easy for users to navigate and understand the various action buttons.

A comfortable grip in any direction, following the natural squeezing-hand posture.

Action button is strategically positioned for quick navigation and comfortable usage.


The handle-stick enables smooth 360-degree control input,

allowing for precise movement during gameplay.

Module attaches to the base module using magnets, ensuring a secure connection.



Users can easily customize their controller setup by modifying the module

combinations using magnetic attachments, tailoring it to their specific needs


With the magnetic attachment feature, users can effortlessly create

their own gaming setups based on the type of content they're playing.
(Educational, Venturous, Action, etc)

Open-ended structure provides more effective, personalized playing opportunities

that works only for specific user demanding.




 A haptic tactile module translates digital content into interactive surfaces,

enabling users to physically touch, feel, and engage with digital elements beyond the screen.


When a game character enters a specific event scene or interacts with the environment, the tactile pad's surface generates

unique waves or patterns that correspond to the in-game events, enhancing the immersive experience.


By incorporating physical interaction, users can dynamically engage with digital content in a way that goes beyond the confines

of the screen.

The mic module facilitates clear and comfortable voice interaction or sound input, enhancing the overall gaming experience

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