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2022 Summer, 14 Weeks / Personal Project / Product Design

CMF | CNC | 3D Printing


Stack is a collection of organizing tools that

users can optimize and reposition,
to create an effective and personalized workspace.

Organizer only for you


None of the organizers can perfectly match all the individuals' work styles and desk environments.

Beyond just a desk organizer, I came up with a customizable product that is suited to individual lifestyles,

with a highly sophisticated design language.


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collection shot.png
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Richer Experience


Modules can be repositioned smoothly and easily.
Visual tranquility from minimal form factors and materials.



The modularity allows users to create

an unlimited tailored organization.

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Stack adapts to your workflow in style.

Wood Base
Poplar Wood, Fine Grain, CNC, Matte Finishing

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Size variations - Large | Medium | Small

The corresponding top surface provides easy and comfortable positioning.

The wood base itself can be a storage for pens or long objects.

Organizing Modules
Polypropylene, White, 3D Printed, Matte Finishing


Copy of Stack-23.jpg
Copy of Stack-0.jpg
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